The ANZCHOG biobanking network functions as a virtual bank for biospecimens collected from children and adolescent/ young adults with cancer, by providing an up-to-date online catalogue and biospecimen locator tool. Biospecimens in the Network remain in the custody of the originating biobank, and are governed by that institute, so that each biobank in the network retains the right to decide whether or not samples are distributed to a requesting institution or researcher.


Benefits of joining the ANZCHOG Biobanking Network:

  • Access to a larger number of high quality biospecimens and associated clinical data.
  • Support from other tumour banks in Australia and New Zealand
  • Improved biobanking practices
  • Harmonisation of standard operating procedures
  • Increased opportunities for collaborations


Paediatric cancer biobanks wishing to join the ANZCHOG Biobanking Network should contact the Project Coordinator