Cancers diagnosed in children and adolescent and young adults are rare, and thus it is often difficult for researchers to source sufficient samples for large cohort studies. In such cases, researchers may need to reduce the scope of their work or waste a significant amount of time locating and applying for biospecimens from multiple biobanks.

Biobank networks overcome the limitations of individual biobanks by enabling harmonised or shared biospecimen application processes to facilitate researcher access to quality biospecimens.

The ANZCHOG Biobanking Network is a formal collaboration between all 9 paediatric and adolescent/ young adult cancer biobanks in Australia and New Zealand. The overarching goal of the ANZCHOG-BN is to increase the availability of high quality biospecimens to researchers.

The ANZCHOG Biobanking Network is proudly funded by The Kids’ Cancer Project, Tour de Cure and Robert Connor Dawes Foundation.

The The Kids’ Cancer Project funding is enabling us to employ a dedicated Project Coordinator to manage network operations, develop and maintain a biospecimen registry and establish long-term collaborations that will enhance opportunities for national and international research.

The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation funding has enabled us to hold ANZCHOG Biobanking Network Committee Meetings. The Tour de Cure funding has enabled us to organise and facilitate educational biobanking workshops.